About RosinUnity

RosinUnity provides a platform to store, learn, share, and more about rosin, a solventless cannabis extract. Get to your results faster, saving time learning how to get the best yield from your product and how not to waste your product with RosinUnity. We provide a secure service to share and learn best practices for procedures to extract rosin from the strains you love. Whether you’re a dispensary, a medical marijuana patient, an experienced rosin connoisseur, or just getting your feet wet with rosin extraction, RosinUnity is the best place to start! We will help you get started with RosinUnity's team. We are here to help!

Who we Are.

RosinUnity™ is a team of seasoned cannabis enthusiasts. We firmly stand behind rosin and it’s benefits as a superior cannabis extract. From vaporization over combustion, to the increased taste and potency; we believe rosin will be the new favourite concentrate for all medical and recreational cannabis connoisseurs. At RosinUnity™, we are committed to researching, learning and educating ourselves in this evolving field. We look forward to you joining us on this rosin tech journey.

Please consult your local medical professional to help decide and certify if cannabis is right for you.

Our Mission.

Our mission at RosinUnity™ is simple; help rosineers extract the highest possible yields from their cannabis. Heat, time, pressure and a variety of other variables all contribute to how your rosin tech experience will be. Let us take the guess work out of rosin tech and stop wasting product. RosinUnity™ provides the tools and tips needed to help you become a successful rosineer.

Start squishing now with RosinUnity™!

What we Do.

RosinUnty™ provides a safe and secure platform for rosineers worldwide to log, store, share, learn and educate themselves in the evolving field of rosin tech. Our basic to advanced logging features will help you determine your products best yield variables. Our community hubs will help you safely share and connect with other registered rosineers around the world in both public and private chat rooms. Our education and entertainment hubs will keep you up to date and informed on new practices and products in the rosin industry. RosinUnity™ helps bring the community of rosin enthusiasts together in a positive and secure environment.

“It’s all about the rosin data!”