It's all about the Rosin data!

RosinUnity™ is a platform to store, learn and share rosin information from all over the world. We connect users for one common goal, to get the best yield possible right from the start. No more guessing, experimenting and wasting your cannabis on trying to find the perfect balance between variables such as heat, pressure and time. Connecting rosineers is our mission, from commercial grade producers to DIY at home enthusiasts, in a secure service to share and learn the best practices and procedures in extracting the highest quality rosin from the strains you love.

RosinUnity™ is the tool for all serious rosineers, let us help you get started!

SquishPress that material and show off your skills! Then, log it in your RosinUnity account.

View your resultsUse RosinUnity's system to log all the data related to that ooey, gooey press session.

Compare dataFind and compare results with other users

Hone your craftKnowledge is power! Use results and advice from other users to improve on your own technique, craft, quality and yield.